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Q. How should I decide what photos to use?
A. It really depends on the theme of your show and what story you wish to tell! As a guideline, following bullet points could help you decide:

Q. How should I choose my start and end photos?
A. The theme of your show should help you decide! For example, if you want to create your daughter’s or son’s graduation show, you may consider starting with their pictures when they were very young and then ending with the graduation day.

Q. How should I choose the order of my photos?
A. It all depends on the story you want to tell. Like a good story there must be a nice flow in your show. All you need to do is to ensure all photos are relevant and one leads to another.  However, we’ll be happy to discuss the order of your photos with you.

Q. Who decides the order of pictures in my slide show?

A. You do. But if we feel the order should be changed due to technical reasons we will discuss that with you.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of photos I can use?
A. No. All you need to know is that we use a default slide time of 9 seconds, including in and out transitions. As an example, a slide show with 20 photos will result in a show approximately 3 minutes long. It is important to note that slide times are not fixed. We change them depending on the photo and the message you want it to convey.

Q. What size pictures can I send?
A. We can work with any size pictures up to 21x30cm (8x10-11inch).

Q. Can I scan the pictures myself and send them to you?
A. To eliminate the risk of your precious photos getting lost in transit we recommend you do the scanning yourself. Should you decide to scan your photos please remember the quality of your scanned pictures determine the quality of your slide show. So, as a guide, please try to scan your photos with a resolution of between 100dpi and 300dpi. By the way, dpi stands for Dots Per Inch.

Q. Should the photos I send be vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape)?
A. It does not really matter! As long as you are clear about the story you wish to tell we will mix your photos using some clever techniques.

Q. Which photo and image formats do you support?

A. Below you will find a complete list of supported photo and image formats:


Q. What are RAW files and can I use them?

A. RAW files are a class of file formats created and used by camera manufacturers in order to provide users with an extremely high quality, unaltered digital image.

We accept a variety of RAW formats, but as the exact specifications for RAW formats are always in flux, not all files will work properly. If we cannot use any of the RAW files you provide we will convert them to one of the file formats listed above.

Q. How long will each photo appear on the screen?
A. For single photos about 6 seconds is the right length. For group photos 6 seconds duration also applies unless you wish to focus on each person or object in the photo. Having said that, we do not want you to think the slide duration has a fixed value. It does not! We make sure the duration of each slide is long enough to show what you want to show and short enough to minimise the risk of losing viewers.

Q. Will you be using transitions, and what are they anyway?
A. Yes. Transitions are used to insert fades, dissolves, and other shifts between slides. The number, type and frequency of transitions depend on the theme of your show and the type of music you select.


Q. Can video clips be included with the slide show?
A. Yes, you can add one or several video clips to your slide show. We can exclude any clips you do not want, include clips from different timelines, change speed of your video, or pick any special moments in your video and display it as a still image. Just tell us what you want! We’ll do our best to make your show looks the way you want it.

Q. Which video and animation formats do you support?

A. Below you will find a complete list of supported video and animation formats:




Windows Bitmap image


Adobe Digital Negative


Compuserve Graphic


Windows Icon


JPEG image


JPEG image


Portable Network Graphic


Adobe Photoshop image


Jasc PaintShop Pro image


Windows Bitmap image


Tagged Image File


Tagged Image File




Windows video file




Quicktime video file


Quicktime video file


MPEG video file


MPEG video file


MPEG video file


Windows video file


Animated Compuserve graphic


DivX video file


DivX video file


XviD video file


Advanced File Systems format


MPEG 4 video file


MPEG 2 Transport Stream


MPEG 2 Transport Stream


Q. How do I choose which songs to include?
A. Pictures alone do not make a memorable slide show! So, song selection becomes very critical if you want to create lasting emotions. Always start by selecting songs that best suit the occasion, go through them all until you are happy with the ones you have found. A top tip! Stack up all the pictures you want to include in your slide show and then go through them one at a time while listening to your first chosen song. Repeat this process for all the other songs you have picked. At the end of this process you have hopefully found the song(s) you want to use as background music for your show.

Q. Can I provide the music for my slide show?
A To avoid copy right infringements, no matter what format or source, we do not accept any types of music from our clients. We provide a list of stock footage websites where you can browse, select, and purchase your music. We will discuss the type of licence and purchasing at the time of your order. Please note that the total cost of your music selection(s) will be added to the total cost of your slide show creation.

Video Outputs

Q. Which video output formats do you support?
A. Please refer to the diagram below to decide which output format you require. We will be happy to explain each format individually.

Types of Output

Creating Output for Television

DVD - published shows are of good quality but not great on HD TVs

Blu-ray - published shows are superior and HD quality

Video CD - old technology (early 90's). Quality not as good as DVD and Blu-ray

Creating Output for the Web

Publishing for Social Media

Publishing for Web Pages

Unless you have an extremely specific need, it's highly recommended that you use MPEG4.  MPEG4 will provide a better looking show and a better streaming experience for anyone viewing your show.  

Use 'embed' feature of YouTube and Vimeo

Publish to Flash

Flash shows support menus and multiple shows

Flash shows are of low quality & do not offer interactivity

Highly compatible

Creating Output for the PC

Is output for the PC the right choice?

Do you need a small file that you can easily share electronically without an Internet connection?

Do you intend to use the show as part of a presentation with a projector?

Do you want to include this show in another show?

Options for PC Output


Autorun Disc - Best Choice

Video File

Diff between Executable and Video Files

Frequently Asked Questions